Pouring with Rain? Perfect!

Its Week 3 on the new regime and I’m up to 2.5 mins running/ 2.5 mins walking. Still knackering, but its getting easier and I can really see a difference. Dave, my running coach even said, ‘massive improvement would be an understatement’ so I am feeling pretty pleased with myself. That and the eating plan is also paying off, 10 pounds down and back in my size 10 skinny jeans. Hopefully the combination of nutrition and training should make me faster. I’m aiming for a 5K by the end of Jan, with a view to sign up for a half marathon in the Autumn 2013. 

But Christmas is getting in the way! I hadn’t managed a run since last Sunday, and spinning classes were given up in favour of night out with work and friends. That also means the eating plan was ‘tweaked’ somewhat. So with this being day one of my Christmas holidays and with all this extra time on my hands I really had no excuses not to run, plus cabin fever was already setting in and Stella looked like she might start eating the Christmas tree. 
We set off in a light drizzle, and 5 minutes in it started chucking it down. At only 7 degrees out, that’s not all that fun when you’re still warming up. Very glad I had the sense to wear a hat, but thankfully 10 minutes in, the routine kicks up a notch, so I may have got soaked through, but I wasn’t freezing. And its worth it, I am loving being back on the road, even if its only for 20 minutes every other day. 
Stella had a ball, which meant we both got back to the flat looking like drowned rats, and pretty covered in mud. Hot showers all round, and I’m treating myself to a mince pie. Tis Christmas after all. 
Hot New Look – Bedraggled 
Stella submits to being bathed

But not for long…

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