Earning My (Go Faster) Stripes

FINALLY! New (physio approved) trainers purchased, and a brand spanking new training schedule designed to get me back up and running (ahem) in 6 weeks.

And there is actual running involved. Not just excruciatingly dull muscle group repetitions.  I am delirious with excitement. A very small amount of running, yes, but running. Three times a week and a session with the coach to entrench the new, efficient, super speedy habits.

Box Fresh Mizunos

Lots of other exercises to build up the core, correct the imbalances and at least another three low impact  cardio sessions a week. Having rediscovered how much I love spinning, there’s a good chance I’ll look like GI Jane by the end of this. But generally I’m just thrilled to have my stress buster staple back.

Celebrated with a new running jackets for the icy winter mornings. Why not (and it matches the new trainers)

New clobber, complete with go faster stripes

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