The Good Run

Running and I did not get off to a good start this week. Still recovering from my Sunday long run, I wasn’t feeling very clever on Monday morning. With an early start looming, and the bus rounding the corner faster than I could walk it, so I made a run for it, thinking I could clear the distance Usain Bolt style. Forgot I was wearing heels, forgot I am not, in fact, an Olympic gold medal sprinter. Forgot to look out for misplaced dustbins. And predictably, found myself upended on the pavement, flat on my face on Ladbroke Grove with the contents of my handbag strewn far and wide. Thankfully I was wearing trousers.

A very sweet 10 year old boy stopped to help me collect my oyster card, mascara and notebook, while three very able young men pretended not to laugh. No cut lips, but my blood was boiling nonetheless. I think my pride was more hurt than my scuffed hands and knees but Ouch (capital O). Oh and I missed the bus.

Tuesday’s rolled around and I’m still feeling a bit battered from the fall (no blood it did some kind of mischief to my shoulder and I’m playing up the drama). But the training schedule is what it is. And there’s less than 9 weeks to go to the Royal Parks half marathon. No more excuses.

Recently I’ve been trying to incorporate the tips on form that I was given a few weeks back during one of the Run Britannia sessions, and its beginning to really make a difference. I’ve picked up a few bad habits over the past 18 months that I have been running, which they say is very normal, the hardest thing is just getting out a doing it in the first place. But now that I’m trying to increase speed and pick up the distance, I need to start looking at being more energy efficient. Which isn’t as hard has it looks.

So I’m trying to unpick the habit of heel striking and shifting to mid foot running which means I’m dragging my feet less and using stronger muscles (activate the hamstrings – OUCH). I’m straightening my back and pulling my shoulder blades back rather than up, so less slumping forward and less tension. And lastly I’m relaxing. Yes really. Just going with it.

And what a run it was! Not overly quick, or long, but I felt pretty goddamn amazing. A few aches and pains as per normal, but less fatigued, much lighter. And the niggling hip pain seems to be easing. Even in the pouring rain. YES!

Hardcore. Oh Yes. 
New Route! 

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