500 miles!

I did it! 500 miles. Yes Five Hundred Miles.

Or, if you prefer….804kms. That’s right, Eight Hundred and Four kilometres. 

Put that in your pipe and smoke it P.E. teachers from my youth! And I did it all in just under 18 months. I’m pretty chuffed with that.

Plus, according to the glorious Nike, I burned a smoking 50,000 calories. That’s at least one of Rory’s caramel and macadamia nut cheesecakes. Result.

Yes, my average pace is still pretty slow, but I’m working on the speed factor and building more intervals into the training (read as: running after Stella with a stick, and visa versa. I need to get a bit more professional now I’m into the next 500!)

Never to let a celebratory moment pass without some kind of fantastic reward, I have bought myself some shiny new trainers to carry me through the British 10K, the Palma Half Marathon, and should the ballot gods look kindly upon me (or not as the case may be), maybe even the big daddy, London Marathon 2013…. YES I registered.

Now holding thumbs for the announcement in October.

*clicking my heels together three times*

I can almost hear these shoes whispering…..Come on 26.2!! (ok, too much coffee after 7pm, must detox)

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