One month to go until the Brighton Half marathon, we survived Suicide Monday this week (proven to be the most depressing day of the year) but most of the new year’s resolutions have been broken!

The coffee cut back went out the window this morning when I practically mainlined three lattes to cope with the 8:30am meeting in my diary and then spent the rest of the day jittering between offices and not managing to concentrate for more than about 80 seconds. Relatively useful for multi-tasking, not so good when trying to work PowerPoint.

By 6pm I was actually looking forward to my 5.5mile run home. The combination of excess caffeine after a four week hiatus (ZING), back to back meetings and a very annoying snag in my brand new silk skirt (furious) meant I needed the run to burn off the adrenalin and extra madness. It really is cheaper than therapy as they say, without the couch and eye-brow raising analysis.

Plus the additional coffee kick meant I shaved 5 minutes off my usual time. Ah yes. Super speedy coffee fiend!

But it sure beats the ‘protein’ shakes that R is threatening to scare up – involving tuna and broccoli. Wrong on so many levels! Next Stella will be refusing her meaty dinner…. worrying.

Stella would not be amused

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