The Pack Run

Sunshine happy people even at 3 degrees in January!

I’m trying out a few different ways to incorporate running training into my routine, so commuting in my trainers is becoming a more frequent occurrence. This morning I tested out 5 miles with a backpack and I felt every single gram in the 3kg backpack I was hauling!

Thankfully I had some great company, a friend of mine, Pamela, has also caught the running bug so the two of us managed the 5 miles with a few breathers on the way.

Hoping the next time I run without the pack it will feel like I’m literally flying down the streets! But I do need to invest in some new kit to make it work, so any suggestions on a light weight, commuting backpack would be greatly appreciated!  Any excuse to go shopping really.

5 weeks to go to the Brighton half marathon!

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