Numbers Up!

Our race numbers have arrived! Very exciting to be running a race with R for the first time. We’ve entered the Richmond the 10K on Nov 20th which should be interesting. Its a mix of road and trail, we’ve mostly been training on the road due to the darker evenings, but I’m hoping R takes to the trail routes too – I much prefer them. And there’s less traffic so infinitely less things to fall out about…
I have far fetched visions of trail races in the Highlands, or weekend retreats to the Lakes with a few good runs thrown in for good measure. I’m hooked. Running holidays are beginning to feature more heavily in my google history which completely goes against my usual ‘pack a bikini and do nothing’ mantra. These look amazing:
Perfect, and the dog would be welcome too! 
I love the name of this website (Jelley = the name of the founder)
For when I’m super-obsessed and running marathons for fun
But that’s a long way off, for now we need to smash this 10K and then start the REAL training for the half marathon in Feb… count down beginning! 

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