Dead on your feet?

R and I have just finished 6km and I am completely wasted. Needless to say I am totally embarrassed at my complete lack of stamina and general wimpishness. R is literally running circles around me. I may cry if he gets a better PB than me in the Richmond 10K. How mean am I?

My fitness has clearly suffered the 5 week ‘break’ I took post half marathon/ holiday in South Africa. And the additional 8 pounds (ahem, or thereabouts) clearly isn’t helping. I can feel every bump in the road, every ache up my calves, joints – the works!

We are now watching the new season of Walking Dead. Honestly, there’s a bit too much undead beheading going on for a Monday Night and a lot of really bad actors playing at hero, but it helps take my mind off the complaining ligaments and exhausted hamstrings. There is a lot of running. And heroics. Just like our training sessions then, with the added dramatics – watching R freak out because he thought his iPhone was broken, was pretty horrific. Never a dull moment.

But the show has given me a few ideas for Halloween in a week’s time.

I’ve got the limping shuffle, horrid make up and fake blood, all I need now is new running shoes. Clearly its all about the shoes.

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