Working off the Brunch!

After a weekend of birthdays, full on ‘big-fry-up-with-everything’ brunches at Mike’s Cafe and a very glamourous hen do the sunday run was really needed!

Still really struggling with motivation, but after about 2kms, the aches and pains ease up, I hit Hyde Park and I remember why I keep doing this! Happened to see a spectacular sunset over the Great Western rail lines en route back from Royal Oak around 8.5kms and avoided an overly keen Doberman in the park. Never a dull moment.

Two weeks to go until the big race and I’m starting to think about upgrading some of my kit.
Here’s the wish-list:

New arm-band for the old iphone, ‘sexy’ new dri-fit nike vest and a pack to keep the nurofen/jelly babies/extra shoelaces at hand (just in case). I don’t ask for much. My trainers are good to go for another 100 miles, so I cant be forking out the big cash just yet.

Stella could do another 100 miles tomorrow given half a chance, speedy madam out paces me every time. Giving some serious thought to entering her into the Women’s Running column that they run monthly featuring people who train with their dogs. May need to invest in a new collar for a  proper photo shoot, diva that she is!

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