One month to go!

One month and counting until my half marathon in Sept! Have completely bitten off more than I can chew, but that seems to be a recurrent theme in my life at the moment – bring it on! (ish…). I’ve booked our tickets up to Glasgow, started my sponsorship page  here : Sponsorship page! and received my running vest from Starfish Greathearts so its all happening whether I like it or not!

Training has been going at a decent pace. Having survived the vicious spider bite (yes really – some mad beasties happen to be hanging out by the canal in Ladbroke Grove

We think it was a ‘false widow’ (for added drama) and this bugger managed to savage my right ankle which then involved two trips to the pharmacist, one to A&E and a final trip to the local GP for proper hardcore prescriptions – mainly antihistamines that wouldn’t make me fall asleep in meetings (few embarrassing moments in the past three weeks!)

That hurdle out the way, Stella and I are back to pounding the pavements and the routes in Hyde Park. 10K tonight, which I am pleased with, pace was slow, but decent mileage ahead of my long run on Sunday, and even managed to tire her out!

This didn’t last long (approx 10 mins), she’s back to her ninja dog antics already. Maybe the 16K I have planned on Sunday will have a longer lasting effect.

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